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Willard Libby, Radiocarbon, and Carbon A January 20, 2005 article in the scholarly, peer-reviewed scientific journal Thermochimica Acta (Volume 425, pages 189-194, by Raymond N. Willard Libby worked for the Manhattan Project and developed a method to use the decay rate of carbon-14 to determine the age of objects.

Carbon-14 Dating Confirms Earth is Rogers, Los Alamos National Laboratory, University of California) makes it perfectly clear: the carbon 14 dating sample cut from the Shroud in 1988 was not valid. Carbon-14 Dating Confirms Earth is Young Carbon-14 dating confirms the Bible's account of history that fossils are only thousands of years old.

Orkney Pictures Online - Skara Brae In fact, the Shroud is much older than the carbon 14 tests suggested. No matter what any one of us may believe about the Shroud’s authenticity, we can no longer say that carbon 14 dating proves medieval orins; for the tests in 1988 were botched. Nobody is quite sure when Skara Brae was first inhabited, as it is clear from the excavations that the earliest of the surviving buildings radio carbon dated to.

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